Baltijas čempionātam ūdensmotocikliem 3. posma Liepājā dienas kārtība.

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Thursday, 13. August 2020, 17:46

Advance Program

Baltijas čempionātam ūdensmotocikliem 3. posma Liepājā dienas kārtība.

Baltic Jet-Ski Championship – Round 3



Location: Liepaja, Latvia - Vindsērfinga klubs "Rietumu krasts"

Date: 15.08.2020

Accommodation: Multiple places in Liepaja – we also suggest checking availability in other cities near Liepaja

Registration: Click here

Location plan:



Provisional time schedule:

Registration till 10:00 (please fill in on-line registration)

9:30 mandatory riders’ briefing

Free practice by groups 15 minutes each:

10:00 all Ski, except Kawasaki SXR1500, Komander and similar

10:15 all Kawasaki SXR1500, Komander and similar

10:30 Spark

10:45 all runabouts, except Spark

11:00– Moto 1

1.     SKI GP3, SKI Hobby GP3 – 13 min +1 lap

2.     SPARK GP4 –  14 min +1 lap

3.     SKI Junior GP2 – 10 min +1 lap

4.     SKI GP1 Classic – 13 min + 1 lap

5.     Runabout GP1 – 15 min +1 lap

6.     SKI Ladies GP1, SKI GP1 Veteran 35+– 13 min +1 lap

7.     Runabout Novice GP1 – 12 min + 1 lap

8.     SKI GP2 – 13 min +1 lap

9.     Runabout GP2 – 14 min +1 lap

10.  SKI Hobby GP1– 10 min +1 lap

11.  SKI GP1 – 15 min +1 lap


14:30 – Lunch break

15:00 – Moto 2

18:30 – Prize giving ceremony

Categories allowed:

·       Above mentioned 13 categories - two GP3 classes will have moto together (more information on  Latvian regulation here ), also Ladies and Veterans will have moto together

·       Hobby class racers can race in other classes, except SKI GP1 and SKI Ladies GP1

·       Runabout Novice class racers can not race in classes Runabout GP1, GP2

·       Family Cup – 2 members of one family can register 1 class each (points calculated based on the number of racers in class; more racers = more valuable points)

·       SKI Ladies GP1, SKI GP1 un Runabout GP1 class points are submitted for UIM World Championship Ranking

·       Age restriction - for Kawasaki SXR1500 or similar skis – racers younger than 16 are not allowed to race with these skis, except if the racer has participated in all Latvian Championship races in previous year; other exceptions with the accept of Race Director


·       Valid national license required

·       Latvian season license – 100 EUR

·       Latvian 1-event license – 50 EUR


·       Individual health insurance covering extreme sports mandatory


Registration fee (if registering on spot +10 EUR):

·       1 class – 50 EUR

·       Every next class 50% discount (e.g. 2 classes 50 + 25 EUR)

·       Juniors & Hobby – 25 EUR

Free practice:

·       Race track will be shown to racers in the briefing by course marshals

·       Afterwards free practice by groups will be held (see the schedule above)

·       If more racers are sharing ski – this can be done within the practice group (15 min for each group)

·       Racers will be guided through start by course marshals before every class for Moto 1


Start procedure:

·       Starting grid position – first choice for racers considering results in the previous Latvian Championship round

·       Beach start with marshal and traffic light:

o   Marshal whistles and gives sign to start the engine – yellow light goes on

o   Yellow light will go off and between 2-5 sec green light goes on – sign to start

·       Maintaining lane –  all riders must maintain their lane until the 50% of the distance of the 1st hole shot (subject to 1 lap penalty)

·       Early start – if recognized, moto will be stopped and re-started; rider with early start places his key on the helmet (no holder allowed) and key can be placed in ski only when the green light goes on. Early start is not cancelled towards rider if another rider starts early in the repeated start.

·       All riders (including juniors) must keep both feet on the ground until race starts (otherwise 1 lap penalty)






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