Informācija par Igaunijas Čempionāta I posmu ''udensmotociklu sportā

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Tuesday, 4. July 2017, 15:05

Sveiciens ūdensmotociklistiem!

Nelielas izmaiņas Igaunijas sacensībās ūdensmotociklu sportā, kā arī informācija par piemo posmu:

15.07 Estonian Championship I stage – Tallinn, Harku / organizer Vihur Jetsport
29.07 Estonian Championship II stage – Pärnu / organizer Freetime Racing
19.08 Estonian Championship III stage – Valkla / organizer Motobox Racing Team

Informācija par Igaunijas Čempionāta I posmu ''udensmotociklu sportā


15. July 2017, Lake Harku, Tallinn, Estonia



Vihur Jetsport,
e-mail: Phone: +37256985066

Officer of the day: Race jury chairman: Technical inspection: Course master:

Date and Venue of the Race of July 2017, Lake Harku, Tallinn, Estonia Adress: Sõudebaasi tee 23, Tallinn
GPS: N 59.41781, E 24.623571

Urmas Tahk Henry Kiisa Urmas Ait Henry Kiisa

Regulations: Estonian Powerboating Union and Rules you find here:


On-line registration you find here: On-line registration (until 13. july 2017 17.00) 50 €
On-site registration 60 €
Additional class + 50%

Latecomers + 100%
The fee is must paid during registration.

Class Junior GP3 entry fees is sponsored by:

Participation fee includes: Right to compete and third-party insurance for the race.

Cloused course classes: Estonian Championship Classes: SKI Classes
Ladies GP1
Junior GP3

Estonian CUP classes:

Runabout Beginner GP2 SKI Beginner GP1

Runabout Classes:

Runabout GP1

Runabout GP2 Runabout GP4

SKI Veteran GP1

Insurance: All drivers must present their valid personal international accident Insurance Policy. If the Insurance are included on some National Authorities Racing Licenses, they must be drawn up in English.

Licenses: All competitors must have a valid race license issued by their national association. One time race licenses can be purchased at the registration for the fee of 50 €.

Closed courses procedures: The maximum number of competitors in one start is 16.

Safety / responsibility: Wearing helmet, back protection and life jacket is compulsory for all riders. Leg protectors are compulsory for all Runabout riders. Competitors take part in EPU (Estonian Powerboating Union) competitions on their own responsibility except for the cases, which are regulated by contract between EPU and insurance company If P&C Insurance AS. It is possible to check for insurance terms at the competition place or by sending a request to You are solely responsible for yourself and your equipment.

Responsibility of the riders: Each registered Rider is responsible for, but not limited to, the following: His Aquabike and racing number, all his crew members, to check the official notice board and be always up-to-date with any documentation posted, to always pay attention to the signs and orders given by rescue marshals or race direction

Buoys Damages: Any buoy destruction entails a payment of 500.- EUR for the driver. It must be paid to the race secretary during the event.

Prizes and Prize giving Ceremony: The prize giving ceremony will take place at the race site after the technical inspections of hulls and engines. First three places will receive Cups. The prizes are given to the winner themselves only wearing their racing suits and decent footwear.

Protests: Any protests must be submitted to the Race Secretary according to UIM Rule 403. Protest fee is 80 EUR and it is payable in cash at the time of lodging the protest. Technical protest fee is 200 € nominated by EPU.

Environment Protections: Every driver is responsible to take care of the environment - an absorbent carpet to avoid any spillage to the ground must be used according the U.I.M. Rules 703

Boat Park: Is strictly forbidden to prepare meals with camping equipment in the boat park. All drivers and crew members have to wear respectable clothing. Closed shoes on the starting grid are mandatory. In all classes every team get area 4x6 meters for tent. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages is prohibited in boat park.

Lodging and Board: Participants and quests are invited for lodging in the Camping area near the boat park with their motor-homes, home-trailers, tents etc. In Camping area is electricity and nearby are showers and toilets. No lodging fee.

Taking part of riders briefing is mandatory!!!!
The O.O.D. may sanction the drivers that arrive too late to the pilots briefing with a penalty of 100 Euro. This penalty must be paid before the starts.

Time schedule

SATURDAY 15.07.2017

08.30 09.30 Registration, technical inspection 09.45 Competitors meeting
12.30 Timed practice
15.00 Moto 1

15.0015.30 Lunch 15.3017.30 Moto 2 Award ceremony


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